Sunday, 2 May 2010

Tvøroyrar Bóltfelag (Faeroe Islands)

The oldest club in the Faeroes, and the ninth most senior in Denmark, of who the Faeroes are still officially a part, Tvøroyrar Bóltfelag are thankfully, as is the tradition with the long and unpronouncable names of clubs from those Islands, more commonly known as TB. Founded way back in 1892, they're based in the Faeroese town of Tvøroyri - although town is perhaps pushing it a bit, as its population was a roomy 1785 at the last census back in 2008.

Tvøroyri  lies on the north side of the picturesque Trongisvágsfjørður on the country's Southern-most island of Suðuroy, some two hours by ferry from the capital Tórshavn, and as such their snug 4000 capacity Sevmýri ground must hold claim to being one of the most remote grounds in a major European league. But the long trip would be worth it, as the surrounding scenery is just startling!

Winners of the Faeroe Islands Premier League eight times, they've recently slipped into the second tier, where they narrowly missed out on promotion back to the top flight in each of the last three seasons. There is however talk of merging Suðuroy's other two significant teams together, following TB's slide into the second level. Fans of TB, the recently formed FC Suðuroy - already subject of a merger between VB Vágur and Sumba -  as well as third division outfit Royn Hvalba are rightfully up in arms about it all. Surely a side as historic as TB should be allowed to keep its identity, whatever its league position - and at the very least, it would be a crime if its famous black and white stripes were no longer seen on their beautiful island.

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