Monday, 6 September 2010

Valestrand Hjellvik FK (Norway)

Valestrand Hjellvik are a Norwegian club from the village of Valestrandsfossen on Eye Oster - which translates roughly as Cheese Island - just North of Bergen. They were formed in 1992, when two local clubs merged. Of their constituent parts, Valestrand IF formed in 1978, and Hjellvik IL formed in 1959. Fortunately the newly merged club didn't have to spend too long thinking about a new name.

Their happy co- operation can also be seen in the club's crest, which contains the blue of Valestrand and the green of Hjellvik. Thankfully though they drew the line at chosing to play in green and blue stripes, electing instead to play in the much more elegant black and white. They play their football in the segment of the regionalised Norwegian fourth division known as the Hordaland SoccerCircle.

They play their home games at the 1000 capacity Furu Bakken Stadion, which, as is becoming a theme for this lot, translates rather cutely as Pine Hill. Since their foundation they've slowly climbed up from the sxith tier of local football, and have finished as high as third in both 2003 and 2005. And like many of the smaller Norwegian clubs, they have strong links to the community, offering a range of team from pre-school to seniors in both the men and women's game. 

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  1. Oi Peis!!

    Valestrand Hjellvik won their regionalised fourth division last year, and moved up to third. Yesterday they (VHFK) played this seasons first match, and we (VHSK=Valestrand Hjellvik Supporter Klubb) was there to scream for our team! The supporter club goes for beeing one of norways loudest and most devoted supporter club in the lower divisions, using flairs, huge flags, banners and singing personalized songs for the players, and for the trainer as well.

    Supporter club web site:

    Cheers from Busteflex.