Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Clube Atlético Colatinense (Brazil)

Another club from the state of Espirito Santo, Clube Atlético Colatinense, known as CAC to the locals, play in the same Campeonato Capixaba as Estrela do Norte. As a club they are so young that they still have fluff on their chins, being formed in the city of Colatina in 2005. After many years of the city skirting with some budding football club or another, and a congregation of city elders and local businessmen decided that it was finally time to end their city's lack of a competative team and form the club.

They chose the name part to promote the city's name across the rest of the state - and indeed the wider country if they subsequently did well - but also to pay tribute to an older, now defunct local team of the same name (and hopefully pick up a few of their old fans along the way). Not short of ambition, they took on their state champions Vitória FC in their first friendly game, and beat them by a rather resounding 4-1 (although it's not known if Vitória played a full-strength squad that day - but we don't want to wee on CAC's fireworks). They subsequently went on to become second division champs in their first season, and have been plucky mid-table battlers ever since.

They play in the Estadio Justiniano de Mello e Silva, on the muddy banks of the fast flowing Rio Doce and overlooked by crumbly tree-lined mountains It's not stated how many it holds, but it's one of those grounds that has a massive sloping stand down the one side of the pitch and nothing much else, so by the looks of it around 10-12,000.

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