Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Arbroath Victoria FC (Scotland)

Better known as The Vics, Arbroath Victoria are one of the oldest clubs in the Scottish game, having formed in the misty old days of 1882. They played their first ever match against the rather splendidly named Sunrise on the town common that same year, a game they won by a healthy 3-0. Their biggest win came eight years later when they narrowly edged their local rivals Burnside Athletic by a score of 15-0. 1890 was clearly a good year for them, as they went on to win the coveted Forfar and District Junior League later in the same run.

They play in the Scottish Junior Football East Region North Division, which is approximately the ninth tier of Scottish football - although it's tricky to accurately state as theirs is not pyramidical system with direct promotions between the leagues. Their home games are battled out at the 4000 capacity Ogilvy Park, and their biggest rivals are the very local Arbroath SC from the same league. However, every year The Vics take part in a challenge match against The Scottish Third Division side Arbroath FC called the Urquhart Cup. But despite the distance in leagies between the two sides, The Vics quite frequently win it, and are in fact the current holders.

All though their history they've won a wealth of fabulously titled local trophies, including the likes of The Forfar Businessmen's Trophy, The Brechin Rosebowl, The Forfar Junior Consolation Cup, and best of the lot, The Cream of the Barley Cup. But perhaps the biggest day in their history though came in 1982 when to celebrate their hundred years of being they lured a talented young Irish lad called George Best in to play a stint for them in their centenary match. Not surprisingly he played a blinder, scoring two goals on the way to a 4-3 win over Arbroath FC. Sadly though he couldn't be convinced to play on for the rest of the season.

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