Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Associação Desportiva Senador Guiomard (Brazil)

Associação Desportiva Senador Guiomard are a team with a name that you wouldn't want to sew onto a banner. Fortunately, all but the most passionate (or insane) refer to them by the thankfully less tongue-bending acronym ADESG. They hail from the municipality of Senador Guiomard in the Brazilian state of Acre, in the far west of the country in the upper reaches of the Amazon, and close to the border with Bolivia.

They are a relatively young team, having first kicked a ball in anger as recently as 1982. However despite their youth they have won the state league - the Campeonato Acriano - the once, having taken both stages convincingly in 2006. Remember, Brazil is a country where the season is split into two distinct halfs, with the overall annual winner being the team with the best average record of the two, so to take both in one year is quite an achievement.

They play in the 2000 capacity Estádio Naborzão, and go by the nickname of Quinari's Lions - although I've yet to discover excatly who, or indeed what, Quniari is. They also play in variation of the classic black and white stripes in that their kit is predominantly white, with a thick black pin stripe. But it still counts, and they're more than welcome into the family of black and white stripes!

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