Sunday, 1 August 2010

AS Biellese 1902 (Italy)

Associazione Sportiva Biellese 1902 are a small italian club based in the equally small Italian town of Biella, which nestles in the foothills of the Alps, not far from the country's border with Switzerland. As with many such settlements in the Alpine area, the town was once famous for its wool, as the region's mountain pastures and ready water supply made for easy production of the much sought after fabric. To this day, many of the buildings and monuments still to be seen there.

The club, as their name suggests, were formed in 1902, and currently play in the A Division of Serie D - the fifth level of the Italian footballing pyramid. Despite it only being five steps down, the pyramid has fanned out so far by that point that there are a total of 166 clubs involved in its various regional divisions. They had a brief flirtation with the fourth tier in 2009 when they won the A Division, but sadly bounced stright back down from the Lega Pro Seconda Divisione.

They play their home games in the expansive Stadio Lamarmora - Vittorio Pozzo, which can hold 3800 football loving visitors. And despite it being one of those municipal multi-sports areas with a big running track around it, the ground is situated in such a lovely spot that it would be a shame not to pay it a visit if ever you found yourself in this remote but beautiful neck of the woods.

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