Sunday, 8 August 2010

Colby AFC (Isle of Man)

Colby AFC are a club from the tiny Manx village of Colby, in the South-West of the Isle of Man - an island in the North of the Irish Sea almost equidistant between all four countries of the United Kingdom. Despite Man's location, it is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, and as such isn't considered part of the UK.

No Colby isn't exactly a massive place. With a head count of only 289, they are perhaps the smallest settlement on this list to have a football club. They were formed in 1919, and currently play in the Manx Premier League, after winning the league's Second Division in 2008. They won that title with an incredible record, winning every game bar one, which they drew, and finishing with a goal tally of 153 goals in 26 games.

Despite the smallness of their home village, they've got a pretty decent track record in Manx football.  As well as that great league campaign in 2008, they won the Manx Cup in 1928, The Woods Cup on five occasions and the Paul Henry Gold Cup four times. Nicknamed The Moonlighters, they play at the titchy Glen Road ground in the North of the village - although in a place that small, the compass points have very little relevance.

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