Friday, 6 August 2010

UD Badajoz (Spain)

We've spoken about their neighbours CD Badajoz elsewhere on this site, but UD Badajoz, their similarly titled cousins from down the road, don't only sound a bit like them but look identical, as they wear the famous black and white stripes as well. But unlike their chums from across the way they're much younger, slightly smaller, and not nearly as good. Although they're well on their way to rectifying that.

Born practically the other day in 2006, their first two seasons saw them first win their town league, and the next finish runners up in their area competition, gaining them promotions in their first two seasons. however, when they got to the Tercera Division they finally met their match. Playing in the Badajoz-based group 14 - part of the fourth Spanish tier - they've stalled at 13th place in both seasons that they've played there, so will be looking to build on that and catch up with Clube Deportivio again after played against them the previous two seasons.

This new club from the citadel city play in the 8000 capacity Viejo Vivero stadium - a homage to CD's popular old stadium. Quite why they decided to form a new club so similar to their city neighbours is unclear, but it looks like the town can support two such clubs - well for now at least.

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