Sunday, 1 August 2010

Club Social y Deportivo La Emilia (Argentina)

Club Social y Deportivo, or the Sports and Social Club come from the small Argentinian town of La Emilia, about 160 miles up river from the capital Buenos Aires. They play in the Torneo Argentino B, one of two leagues that make up the fourth tier of the country's football. La Emilia have won their regional provincial title, the Liga Nicoleña de Fútbol, a tasty seventeen times.

The club formed in 1930, and play at the 6000 capacity Estadio Jacinto Gato Lopez, and go by the nickname of The Drapers, as when they formed they were effectively the works side of a major textiles factory in the area. There was some fear in the area back in 1985 when the factory was sold off and subsequently closed, but the great efforts of local town councilors, businessmen and the fans themselves helped keep the club - a major source of pride for the town - up and running as a competative footballing concern.

Since that  day, the club has operated as a non-profit sports society, working with the town to keep the locals fit, healthy and entertained and helping, as they say, to "capture children and young people away from the evils of society." As a club they are owned by the town and are at the very heart of the local community. The results on the pitch almost don't matter when a club holds such importance to the very fabric of a town - although the rabid support of their fans certainly helps them out along the winning trail. Long may they thrive.

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