Saturday, 7 August 2010

Woodbridge Town FC (England)

Woodbridge Town started their footballing career with a bang when on 7th November 1885 they beat St Helens (Ipswich) a cool 10-0. The same year they became founder members of the Suffolk County Football Association, as well as the very first winners of the Suffolk Senior Cup, beating Ipswich Town 3-1 at Portman Road in a second replay, after draws of 2-2 and 0-0 in the first two games, under their original name of Woodbridge Combination.

The following years saw a string of trophy wins in a scattered variety of local and regional leagues and cups, and theirs is a pretty busy trophy cabinet, holding in total 29 portions of silverware. They play at Notcutts  Park in the town of Woodbridge, a tide harbour town on the River Debden. The area gained international notoriety in 1980 when unexplained lights let to a number of UFO sightings in what came to be known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident. It is unclear whether they were real UFOs, secret aircraft flying about at the nearby US Airforce base RAF Woodbridge or just the floodlights of Notcutts Park on a misty evening.

Many teams who play in black and white stripes have nicknames connected to the ainimal world. There are dozens of zebras, quite a few magpies and a good few assorted badgers, ravens, penguins and friesians. But Woodbridge's nickname is a little more unique and more related to their name than their colours. Come on you Woodpeckers!

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