Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Club Atlético Fénix (Argentina)

CA Fénix are based in Pilar, a city on the very outskirts of Buenos Aires, but still big enough in its own right to house around a quarter of a million people. The city is known as The Cradle of National Federalism, as it was were The Treaty of Pilar - an agreement that led to the birth of the Federal Republic of Argentina - was signed in 1820. More recently though it has become a satellite commuter settlement for the more affluent workers of Buenos Aires to come and live in safe gated communities.

The club was formed in 1948, named by their founders after the mystical bird that rose from the ashes. They currently play their games in Primera C Metropolitana, the regionalised fourth tier of the Argentine Football system. But despite over sixty years of history, they have yet to make it to the top flight of theior country's leagues. This is hardly surprising though, given the relative affluence of the area, and the enormous clubs playing within a short hop that they have to compete with. But they have won stuff in the past, in the shape of the Primera D Metropolitana - the national fifth tier that they won in both 2000 and 2005.

They play in the 8500 capacity Estadio Municipal de Pilar, have former Boca Juniors boss Alberto Acosta as their manager and can count former Wallsall and Fortuna Dusseldorf striker Walter Otta, and Lazio, Parma and double-Argentinian World Cup defender Matías Almeyda among their noteworthy old boys. 

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