Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hayling United FC (England)

Hayling United could almost count themselves as an international representative side, as they come from that curious place called Hayling Island in Hampshire. Shaped like an upside down letter T (or Lisa Simpson doing the splits, if you prefer), it's just along the coast from Portsmouth, and is a popular holiday desitination - made even more attractive by the long held rumour that it is the only place in England without any wasps.

United, the island's principal football club, were formed in 1884 as simply Hayling Island, although they've always been known by the quaint nickname of The Humbugs. They changed to their current name in 1999, clearly hoping such a move may sway FIFA to consider them as the national side of the island!

They play at a dinky little ground in the grounds of Hayling College, and play their football in the Wessex League Premier Division - part of the vast regionalised ninth level of English football. 

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