Sunday, 18 July 2010

Angers Sporting Club de l'Ouest (France)

Angers SCO, as they are thankfully abbreviated appear to be the only major French club to play in the black and white stripes. But even then they don't appear entirely committed to them as they frequently abandon them for long spells in plain white shorts and a number of other mashed up abominations. But as this season is about to begin they have reverted to their traditional kit, and so despite our reservations must surely be included in this list.

Formed in 1919 in the Western city of Angers, where the rivers Loire and Maine meet, they have a long and distinguished history of being a half-decent team without ever really threatening to be too good. Currently a mid-table second division team, they spent a spell before that in the lower leagues, but have spent the occasional long spell in the top flight, finishing third in 1958 and 1967.

They play at the Stade Jean Bouin, which can hold 16,300 people, who include a number of hardcore supporter's squads. The oldest of these are Allez SCO, formed back in 1946, who vollunteer their time in the service of the club. But they've also got a few gaggles of ultras, including Kop de la Butte, Brigade Ouest 49 and the rather fabulously named Magic SCOP.

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