Sunday, 25 July 2010

Llandudno FC (Wales)

Llandudno FC are one of the oldest teams in Wales, having been formed way back in 1878. They currently play in the Cymru Alliance, which is the second level of Welsh football. Their home ground is Maesdu Park, in the North Walean seaside town of Llandudno.

It's thought they were originally called Gloddaeth Rovers, and were formed to give the local cricketers something to do in the closed season. Founder members of the Welsh National League (North) in 1921, which they promptly won in 1923. Controversy thruck though when the Welsh FA insisted that they  change leagues to the Eastern division - wholy inappropriate given their geographical position. Understandably they refused and were duely, and quite unfairly, suspended.

They were then founder members of the new Welsh League (North) in 1935, winning it in 1936 and 1937. They've proven to be cup specialists too, and over the years have won tournaments called the WNLN Cup, the NWCFA Cup, the North Wales Amateur Cup, the Alves Cup and the Cookson Cup. They moved to Maesdu Park in in 1991 after their historic Council Field home was turned into an Asda - sadly a frequent risk for team at the lower end of the financial scale.

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