Thursday, 22 July 2010

Elgin City (Scotland)

Although Elgin City were only granted Scottish League status in 2000, they have a long and illustrious history as one of the most successful Highland League clubs of all time. Formed in 1893, upon the amalgamation of Elgin Rovers and Vale of Lossie, they were accepted to the Highland League two years later, winning their first game against Citadel 7-2. They pottered about passionately but quite unremarkably until immediately after the First World War. Their Station Park ground had been ploughed up for the war effort, so they had to look for a new home - first at Cooper Park, but then at the pitch that they have been playing on ever since - Borough Briggs.

Opened in 1921 in another heavy defeat of the long- suffering Citadel, their form began to take a major upward turn. They quickly became the almost-men of the Highland League, finishing runners-up in 1923, and third on a further four occasions. But they finally won the title in 1932, and again two season later, and would eventually go on to rack up a highly impressive 14 wins and 11 runners-up slots.

But the sixties were perhaps their most dazzling decade. In total they bagged seven Highland League titles, two Highland League Cups, three Scottish Qualilifying Cups and four North Cup titles - an amazing tally whatever level you're playing at. The also embarked on a succession of Scottish Cup runs that them get as far as the quarter-finals in 1968, and helped them become everybody's second favourite Scottish team.

The winning barrage has slowed a little since their ascention to the Scottish Third Division, but their homely 3927 capacity Borough Briggs ground did see them lift one more North Cup title in 2004 - raising their tally in that competition to 18. lets hope that they can soon consolidate in this higher level, and give their fans some of the success that they became accustomed to in the Highland League.

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