Saturday, 24 July 2010

Fraserburgh FC (Scotland)

Fraserburgh FC, known to their fans, and just about everyone else in that part of the world as The Broch, are one of the grand old gals of the Highland League. Formed in 1910, they play at the beautifully positioned 3500 capacity Bellslea Park. It is said they play in black and white because the local fishmonger who sorted them out with their first strip had connections with Newcastle United. Quite where they got the idea for their red tartan change strip is an entirely different matter.

The club were granted admission to the Highland League in 1921, and have played there happily ever since, winning in 1933, 1938 and 2002. They've also been the proud winners of two League Cups and seven Aberdeenshire Cups. The greatest victory in their career came in 1959 when they beat Dundee - then one of the top sides in Scotland - 1-0 in the Scottish Cup in a game still considered one of the greatest giant killing cup shocks of all time.

Their manager Charlie Duncan is one of the longest serving in British history. Taking the helm in 1984, he celebrated his 1000th game in charge in October 2009, and he's still going strong today. Let's see if he can't double that amont, which by my reckoning he should manage by 2034.

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