Thursday, 29 July 2010

CF Amposta (Spain)

Amposta are a Spanish side from the Catalonian town of the same name a few miles south of Barcelona. Obviously being in the catchment area of a city with two top-flight football teams means that they don't necessarily get all the attention that they deserve, but they still plug away resolutely, nevertheless.

Formed in 1915 by a bunch of builders who enjoyed having a kickabout by the local school after work, they were originally called Club Deportivio Argentino, and were created as much for the after match drinks as they were the games themselves. This tradition continued until they regrouped after the three week hiatus during the Spanish Civil War, when they decided to take the whole thing a lot more seriously.

Playing at the 3000 capacity Municipal Stadium, they've never got any higher that the Tercera División - the fourth tier of national football - where their highest ever finish saw them grab the runners-up slot in 1959. However, from the early sixties through to 2008 they had slipped back into the lower regional leagues. But a good run that season saw them claw their way back to their traditional home, finishing a consistent tenth in both of their seasons back.

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