Thursday, 22 July 2010

Singapore Magpies (Singapore)

The Singapore Mags are a curious bunch. Created in 2003 by a bunch of ex-pats in the Far Eastern city-state of Singapore, they mainly consist of Geordies who work in the area and long for the black and white action of home, and excitable local NUFC fans who just want to pull the famous strip on and have a kick about.

They'd be the first to admit that they're not what could be thought of as a 'proper' team yet. They're not members of the local FA, and are in fact an offshoot of the Newcastle United Supporters Club of Singapore, they don't yet play in any formalised league - instead preferring invitation games and small one-off tournaments, but their biggest success to date came when they finished runners-up to Olympique de Singapour in the Lim Boon Heng Beach Football Tournament in 2005.

But despite their casual origin, they've come to be known as one of the best footballing sides in the lower ranks of Singaporean football. And who knows, maybe one day they've do the colours proud and get themselves into a local league and show Singapore what they're really capable of.

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