Saturday, 24 July 2010

FK Palić Koming (Serbia)

FK Palić come, unsurprisingly, from the tiny town of Palić in the very north of Serbia, only about 12 miles from the border with Hungary. In fact, it's just as near the Hungarian capital Budapest as it its own capital of Belgrade, and so close is it to its neighbour that over half of its population are actually Hungarian. Sitting on the banks of the massive Palić Lake, it's perhaps most famous for its international films festival, where in 2008 the black and white stripe loving, Bath City supporting film director Ken Loach won its lifetime achievement award.

Formed in 1931, they've played at their 1000 capacity SC Janko Pejanović since their very first match. They play in the Srpska Liga Vojvodina, part of the country's regional third tier, along with the Serbian League East, Serbian League West, and Serbian League Belgrade.
As far as I can discover they've been happily plodding away in the Vojvodina league for the bulk of their history with little mobility either upwards or downwards. But they did come third as recently as 2008, so who knows, maybe there are big things waiting for them ahead!

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