Sunday, 18 July 2010

Frenaros FC 2000 (Cyprus)

Frenaros are quite possibly the youngest team in our list, formed, as you may imagine, in the year 200, in the tiny village of Frenaros in the Famagusta district of Cyprus - almost glued to the border with the Turkish northern region of the island.

But despite being from a settlement with a mere 3305 residents, as recorded at the last census, they clearly have a monied sugar daddy behind them - either that or the village is an unsually cosmopolitain neighbourhood, as they feature players from Slovakia, Brazil, Portugal, Bulgaria, Senegal, Cape Verde, Cameroon and perhaps less surprisingly Greece in their ranks this season.

They've also made a quick progress up the league since their relatively recent formation. They won the Cypriot Fourth Division in 2005, and made this way up to the second tier in 2009. Whether their tiny Municipal Stadium ground, which holds a cosy, and rather appropriate given their name, 2000 punters will be up to the job should they work their way any further up the table remains to be seen.

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