Sunday, 25 July 2010

US Massese 1919 (Italy)

Unione Sportiva Massese 1919 are an Italian team from Massa in Tuscany, (just north of Pisa), who were formed in 1919. They've just been promoted back to Serie D - the fifth level of Italian football - after a spell in Eccellenza Tuscany. They play at the quaint little 8900 capacity Stadio degli Oliveti, an old-fashioned Italian oval ground on the edge of town.

They are ion of those clubs who have never achieved much in the game, results wise, but who have acted as an incubator for future stars of the Italian game. Famous former players include the Welsh-born Italian international Giorgio Chinaglia, Italian 1994 World Cup player Roberto Mussi, and the recently retired Juventus defender Gianluca Pessotto.

Massa is one of the major marble making areas of Italy, and a considerable number of Massese fans work within the industry. They also take with them a light-hearted but highly vocal bunch of fans with them who insist on swathing what little area they cover with black and white streamers, and have on of the biggest punter to smoke bomb ratios in the league!

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