Saturday, 24 July 2010

CE Alaior (Spain)

A true island team, Club Esportiu Alaior come from the province of Alaior on the island of Minorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands. First created in 1934, they play at the 4500 capacity Estadio Los Pinos, and presently play in the regional Tercera División - Group 11 - the Balearic grouping of the fourth level of the Spanish league system.

They must love playing around the islands because they have spent a record 44 seasons at the Tercera level. On top of that they've never qualified for the promotional play offs since they were brought in 1991, their best season coming when they finished second in 1990 - annoyingly the year before the play offs were brought in.

But this hasn't detered them, and despite their lcak of success, they remain a passionate and  well supported team from a city more famous for tourism, shoemaking and cheese.

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