Sunday, 18 July 2010

Wydad Fez (Morocco)

Wydad Athletic Club de Fès are a Moroccan club currently playing in their nation's top flight - the Botola. Long established as pillars of their national league system, they've still always played in the shadows of ther more successful city cousins Maghreb Fez, winners of four league titles and two Moroccan Cups. This makes Wydad fans sad, because despite their many years in the top flight, they've yet to win a single meaningful trophy.

Formed in 1948, they play at the Complexe Sportif de Fès, a massive 45,000 multi sports place about 15 miles out of town that they share with not only the national team, but their rivals Mahghreb as well. So even at home they can't get away with their richer and more successful rivals.

Recent times have seen them suffer a spot of ill-fortune as they carelessly cascaded down the leagues to spend a few years in the thrid division. But they picked themselves up in the mid noughties, and were finally promoted back to the top flight where they truly deserve to be in 2009. Let's hope this upward mobility brings them even further success and that they finally put one over of their slightly smug relations before too long. We've all got family like that, and it always feels fantastic when the opportunity arises to finally beat them at something at least once in your life!

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