Friday, 16 July 2010

FK ČSK Pivara (Serbia)

ČSK Pivara, are a village team from the tiny settlement of Čelarevo in the Vojvodina province of Serbia, nestling between Novi Sad and the border with Croatia. Despite their humble location they have been playing in the second tier of Serbian football until their unfortunate relegation last season.

They were formed in 1922 as the Čebski Omladinski Sportski Klub - Čeb being the name of Čelarevo before World War II. Over the years they've also been known as Radnički and SK Podunavlje before they merged with a team called Krajišnik in 1953 in order to play in the first league of Vojvodina.

They played in these regional leagues until 1993, when they started their rise up the Serbian leagues, where they have nipped up and down between the second and third level ever since. Their name means ČSK brewery, as they are sponsored by the entertainingly named Lav brewery. Although it's not so amusing for them, as Lav means Lion in Serbian - hence the presence of the big hairy fella on their club crest.

Their Stadion Pivare ground holds a cosy 3000 rabid fans, and is festooned with the brewery's name all over its stands. So if you ever visit, don't get over excited and think it's more toilets than a ground of that size would suggest.

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